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Twin Pines Wellness is a holistic wellness practice, founded in Portland, OR, by Missy Kieffer. At the core of the company ethos is the knowledge that we, as human beings, are multi-dimensional; varied compositions of physical, metaphysical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual make-up. With this in mind, it only makes sense that we find health and balance, not through one realm of medicine, but through many.

My particular practice explores the individual as a unique expression of the universe, taking into consideration lifestyle habits, diet, relationships, trauma, and stress of all natures. I consider not only what is expressing physically, but also what is happening energetically, and how the two connect. In fact, it is this connection that I believe to be the key to wellness.

A big part of my practice is investigating Relationship. Relationships we have with our bodies, our experiences, the people we surround ourselves with, expressing emotion, the food we eat, the list goes on… My goal here is to help You become more deeply connected to the relationships you have and, through this awareness, feel activated and empowered to live in your health.

May we together find Balanced Living.




Licensed Massage Therapist, Wellness Consultant, Sustainable Food Specialist

OBMT # 19839

A little piece of my story : :

My wellness career started over a decade ago working with sustainable food systems and outreach. I realized how important having a connected relationship with our food is to, not only our digestion, but also our mental health and the health of our muscles and tissues. In addition to work as a private chef (or as I prefer to say, “food artist”), I have a long history with athletics, coaching, and movement practices, and understand what it takes to support an active lifestyle. I graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts as a massage therapist in 2013, and followed schooling with an internship in the Ayurvedic practices of Abyangha and Panchakarma. I have also trained in structural bodywork, Tui Na, Chi Nei Tsang, integrative and visceral bodyworks, and Lomi Lomi, all of which I value as holistic lenses through which to see and facilitate healing in the physical and energetic bodies.

I believe we are fully capable beings, particularly when we step into our power and take action for our wellness. My role here is to assist you with that process.  Particularly, I want to help you learn your body, learn your mind and learn your food story. Together, we can push the limits of current boundaries and expand into the incredible beings we are.